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  • 3′ Octagonal Cottager Fire Pit

    The 3’ Octagonal Cottager is our most popular model. It comes packed with useful features. The main characteristic of the…

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  • 3′ Polygon Fire Bowl

    Our 3’ Polygon features a robust build with an elegant appearance, ideal for your backyard or cottage. The formed sides…

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  • 4′ Pyramid Outdoor Fireplace

    The unique design and artistic appeal of the 4’ Pyramid makes it one of our most popular fire pits. It…

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  • Adventure

    The Redhsark Adventure is built for the outdoor enthusiasts.

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  • All-Terrain Super Duty Airless Cart

    The only “All-Terrain Workhorse and Off-Roading”cart on the market truly engineered for large watercraft and heavy loads that also provides…

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  • Barrel Sauna

    Wood heater: internal or external feed Made with Solid 1 1/2″ wood

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  • Big EZ Rack

    Similar our original EZ Rack, just Larger! The Big EZ Kayak Storage Rack has an outstanding ability to safely and securely store…

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  • Cabin Sauna

    Wood heater: internal or external feed Made with Solid 1 1/2″ wood Comes with a metal shingle roof This small…

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  • Canoe Rack 36″

    Suspenz® is Simply Better by Design™ – These 36″ Wall Canoe Brackets are the ultimate in versatility for SUPs, Canoes, or Fishing Kayaks.…

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  • Ceiling Rack (or Under Deck)

    Kayak ceiling storage rack designed for use with: Kayaks, SUPs, and Surfboards Go “off the wall” with the genius yet…

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  • Chiminea Outdoor Fireplaces

    Although it is the smallest size in this series, the 4’ Chiminea is still an eye-catching choice for your outdoor…

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  • Cube Sauna

    7×8 white cedar cube sauna

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  • Cupola Fire Ring

    The 30” Cupola is a bottomless ring, which can be used as a standalone pit, or as a protective insert…

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  • Deluxe Rack

    Our patented and most popular storage rack, and for good reason—its our top of the line! Features our convenient “load-assist”…

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  • DLX Airless Cart (Mid-V™ & Flat Platform)

    Our most popular and versatile dolly cart accommodates most canoes and kayaks. Attached cam buckle straps* are strategically positioned to…

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  • Enjoy

    The Redshark Enjoy is built for all riders.

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