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Use the Turbo Chute as a traditional style backyard water slide, or for skimming across the lake! The 6’ Starter Mat provides a cushion at the start and can also be used as an end section into the lake for added buoyancy. Now available in the EXTREME size!

Backyard Package:

  • 2, 20’ sections
  • 10’ Catch Pool
  • 4 Turbo Sleds
  • Pump

Lake Package:

  • 3, 20’ sections 
  • 6’ Starter Mat
  • 4 Turbo Sleds
  • Pump

Turbo Chute Extreme Package:

  • Double-wide 60′ section
  • 10 Turbo sleds
  • 10′ Catch Pool
  • Pump

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