This small traditional cabin sauna is great for small families. This sauna comes with 2 straight benches but has the option for a 5/8” thick ceder. 2 tier L-shaped bench which allows seating for up to 6 people. Being able to sit higher on the 2-tier bench helps to get more of the heat as heat always rises. Our eastern Canadian white cedar saunas are all made with 1 1/2″ thick walls to ensure the saunas are well insulated to keep the heat in during the cold winters. They are well capable of handling -25°C weather and, with the tongue and groove boards, are dove-tailed to ensure durability and strength to make this a lasting sauna for years to come. The Algoma metal shingle roof is a lifetime warranty roof that ensures that it always stays dry.oodLife Sauna Powered by Shopify