Introducing the Kymera Body Board

Kymera has all the fun but none of the traditional barriers to watercraft ownership – no fuel, no need to tow, and no launching or storage costs gives you stress-free fun! Jet boards are the all-new modern take on a jet ski that fits in your car.

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Top Features

Full Charge in 1-2 hr

40 kph | 25 mph Top Speed

In-car Transport

Up to 1 Hour Ride Time

1000-watt RMS Brushless Motor

Detachable Battery

32 kgs | 70 lbs Total Assembled Weight

Product Specifications

Electric Motor & Battery
    • The electric motor and the battery housing have been created to be waterproof; this is a powerful combination for water-related technology.
    • Features
      • Fully submersible housing battery system.
      • Quick charging connector with easy access and a 1-2 hour charge time.
      • 1000 watts of power.
      • Percentage indicator on the battery so the rider always knows how much ride time they have.
      • Maximum 1 hour of riding time. Please note that the estimated battery run time may vary depending upon the rider’s weight, weather conditions,  and other factors.
    • Rugged plastic and foam construction can handle even rough riding conditions while still providing a comfortable ride.
    • Features
      • Heavy-duty plastic construction with foam pads along the length of board.
      • Waterproof housing with rubber seal to keep the battery dry.
      •  Buoyant design that allows the rider to rest and relax on the board when not in use.
Board Design 
    • Aerodynamic design allowing the rider to cut through both smooth and rough conditions.
    • Features
      • Board dimensions 81″ x 32″ x 12″
      • Tough design suitable for lakes, rivers, and the ocean
      • At only 70 lbs (with the battery), the board is suited for handheld and in-car transport.
Additional Items
    • Comes with:
      • Nylon slip cover
      • Battery and fast-charger
      • Pelican case for the battery

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